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Hey, everyone! I'm Bunga and I've been using Macs for as long as I can remember. I am certified in Final Cut Pro, and have a thorough knowledge of the Mac OS, iOS and Watch OS systems.

After 12 years of working for Apple as a trainer and teacher, I'm going solo and would be delighted to share my knowledge and skills in helping you to understand your Mac.

With Master your Mac, I offer consultation and guidance on how to maximize your MAC experience. Name the topic and I can custom-design a course that suits you. Need to a make a presentation in Keynote for work? Want to make a movie? Need help designing a webpage? Want to get the most out of your iPhone and Mac? Or maybe you just need to cover some basics?

I'm here for you. Contact me for private or groups rates.  Let's learn together and allow me to help you Master your MAC.

Courses for Everyone

I can cover a variety of topics send me a message...
Just the Basics

New to your Mac. Need to get down the basics. Look no further. The basics cover just that... the basics. 

Productivity Apps

Ready to import photos, make movies or put together a presentation for work. This course will cover iMovie, photos, GarageBand. It will cover the iWork suite such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. 

Pro Apps

Ready to create. Covering Pro applications such as Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor.  I can also assist you with design Apps such as Photoshop and illustrator.  Also covering website design from start to finish. 

Customized Courses

Not sure where to start... I can customize a course for you also. No project too big to too small we can tackle together. 

Friends of MACmaster

A special group of clientele I have worked with and assisted.

Coach Kardan

CEO Step-Up International

"I met bunga a little over 7 years ago. From the first time we met I was impressed by his charisma and passion in teaching and learning. He made difficult concepts more clear and easy to understand. Bunga has been great in assisting us with a variety of our tech needs in and around the office. His professionalism and knowledge has been a great help in achieving results. If you have been looking for someone to help you in your projects for work and would like to understand your Mac with more clarity I'd definitely recommend bunga my teacher and my friend."

David Chester


"I first met Ron at the Apple Store in Ginza in approximately 2010. He became my 1-1 tutor and I returned often to have lessons with him because he was always upbeat, helpful and informative. He guided me through whatever issues or problems I was having and if he didn’t have the answer (which was rare), he’d find out right away. I greatly benefitted from the lessons, and as time went by Ron and I became friends. I learned that not only was he a teacher, but a great photographer and general all-around creative person. I still meet with Ron to discuss my various Apple-computer projects and he continues to advise me in his upbeat and helpful way. For anyone looking for an instructor to advance their Mac skills, I highly recommend Ron Mabunga."

Gary Vierheller

CEO at Inspir, Ltd

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Bunga for over 15 years. He has designed and upgraded my company\'s website and has tutored me on how to better utilize my Mac on countless occasions. I have also attended his seminars and found his training to be well structured and focused that assured we walked away with practical knowledge and skills that could be applied immediately. I am very pleased to know Bunga now offers his well developed abilities to the public and I will definitely continue to be once of his clients, as well as recommend him to my customers."

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Hey whats up "bunga" here. Please drop me a message if you have any questions, thoughts or would like to know my rates. I do appreciate your time and Thank you so much.

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